Gantry Rail s.r.o.

Bavorská 856
CZ –155 41  Praha 5

Phone:  +420-224 453 530
Fax: +420-251 610 273



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Gantry Rail s.r.o. offers services in the area of lifting equipment, lifting magnet technology, steel constructions, railway routes, crane routes and rack feeders.

Our clients highly recommend us due to our great success and the guaranteed high quality of our work.

 The company ensures:


Deliveries of materials

  rails, cranes and crane components, rail fastening systems, rail fixing clips, cement grouts, sole plates, anchor bolts, buffers, lifting electromagnets, radio remote controls, steel constructions

Assembly, reconstruction, service

  highly qualified employees, flexible solutions, structured reconstructions, new crane rail installation, repair of existing crane rails

Welding of rails

  electrodes, wire without protective atmosphere by the MF method

Geodetic measurement

  cranes, rack feeders according to respective standards

Complete lifting equipment service

  On the basis of our experience and careful planning, we ensure that all work is terminated within the stated time – at the highest possible level.

Areas of activities

  heavy industry, automotive industry, building industry, steel works, manufacturing enterprises, warehouses, harbours


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