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Rail fastening systems, rail fixing clips

Rail fastening systems for rails

a) soft rail fastening, half–soft rail fastening

    Soft rail fastening – technological properties - technical properties:

  • can be applied to all rail types and profiles during new constructions and during the reconstruction of rail trucks
  • can adjust the of rails in horizontal and vertical directions
  • records production and assembly tolerances of rails and enables side construction within the range 5 - 20 mm during assembly and anytime after assembly
  • prevents point loading and joint fatigue, forces affecting the cross direction to the feet of the rail are ideally allocated
  • in the case of side impact, it records the self-lock effect of the clamping elements of the side force caused by the crane wheel within the range 35 - 270 kN
  • reduces the level of noise by 0 - 12 dB and the level of vibrations by 40-45 %
  • enables simple assembly or dismantling of rails, maintenance demands are zero
  • the service life of the travel route is prolonged without the necessity for maintenance and saves the electric systems of the crane


  • savings with the use of crane truck beams and the whole travel system through flexible bearing and optimal allocation of the loading of the travel profile in longitudinal and the cross-lateral directions
  • options for rectification of the travel profile – rail anytime during assembly and post assembly via adjustable clips
  • significant reduction in the level of noise and vibrations
  • easy replacement of the travel profile with minimum operating costs

b) direct rail fastening without rectification - standard

    Direct rail fastening  of rails – technological properties - technical properties:

  • non centric “steel on steel” loading and increased wearing of the travel profile and travel wheels. The reason is the concentrated and loaded travel profile and the risk of the origination of cracks in welds.
  • high noise level and the lower construction of the crane route and the crane bridge are loaded by vibrations
  • replacement of the travel profile due to wearing or not keeping to tolerances is too costly
  • possibility of inexact bearing towards the beam stand



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