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Cranes and crane components

Crane wheels

General information
The travel crane wheels are produced in a forged variation and are adapted to all standard types of rails and are highly resistant to stressing caused by the travel of the crane. On the basis of the special designation for the heaviest conditions of operation, these wheels are supplied in various types and quality:

  • quality of materials according to DIN 1,7225 with hardness up to 500 HB
  • quality of materials according to DIN 1,1231 with hardness from 600 to 700 HB
  • dimensions according to the standard DIN, or according to the drawing of the investor from the diameter 250 and above 1000 mm
  • construction with one or two tyres
  • construction with tooled or non tooled hole with drift or without drift groove
  • on the request of the investor, we also deliver wheels without tyres

Semi-product is forged in the closed die at the pressure 10.000 t,
which ensures high quality, good material structure and high strength while retaining the uniform composition of the structure after the wearing of travel surfaces.

Thermal processing
The different hardening technology ensures travel the properties and requested hardness of the tyre. Various thermal processing procedures ensure the required metallurgical and mechanical properties for the forged crane wheels.

During the production of crane wheels, regular qualitative tests of material are performed by non-destructive methods by means of ultrasound and magnetostatic methods. After the final check, the wheels are marked with an identification mark and given a protective layer for protection during transport and storage.

On the request of the client a quality certificate, as well as material analyses of chemical and mechanical properties can be issued.

  1. In the case of requirement, we will send you a technical questionnaire. In the case of a special form, please attach a drawing.
  2. Crane wheels are produced exclusively forged.
  3. The delivery includes bearings, toothed wheels, etc.
    The scope of delivery includes:
         - crane wheel semi-product, including the tooled travel area (diameter B +/- 0.2 mm) and tooled inside areas of tyres
          - the diameter of the hole is delivered in the position variation (diameter = 6 mm)
            and in the finished variation (diameter A with the tolerance H7 or H6)
          - side areas are milled (roughness 12.5u)
  4. Material: Standard deliveries correspond to the following standards:
                   42 Cr Mo 4 (ČSN 15,142) or DIN 1,7225 or AISI 4142 or BS 708 M40              
                   Cranes and crane components
                   Yield point: 800 - 900 N/mm2
    We request to state the required hardness, e.g.: 300/400HB or 450/500HB or 600/700HB
    In the case of hardness 600/700HB, material AISI 1070, or DIN 1,1231 is used

    The depth of the hardening is within the range 6-30 mm, in standard cases 15 - 16 mm.
    The materials used, after forging and before special hardening have the hardness 250 to 300 HB.

Replacement of crane wheels

  • after wearing of the diameter by 10 mm
  • after ascertaining that metal particles have broken off the travel surface with a size greater than 1 mm
  • the hardness of the travel surface is decreased by 30% after re-tooling
  • in the case of the occurrence of cracks on the inside surface of the tyre
  • there is side suppression of tyres by more than 0.2 mm
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