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Lifting electromagnets

Lifting electromagnets and electro-permanent magnets
for various applications according to the requirements of the partner

For scrap - bundles – slab of steel rolls, wires, tubes and sorting of profiles


Standard variation

  • round and rectangular magnets for various use
  • magnet body, welded or casted
  • three or more-pole construction with deep penetrating magnetic field for the transport of bundles
  • special construction for high temperatures
  • performing form manipulation under water
  • setting magnetic output, possibility of over-excitation
  • tipping functions for dosing of the load

Advantages compared with traditional methods

  • does not damage the load
  • enables access to the load from the up
  • low wearing of magnets
  • faster manipulation

Factors influencing the load capacity on the lifting magnet.

- air gap between the magnet and the load
        The air gap in the magnetic circuit acts as magnetic resistance and causes a decrease
        in the load-bearing capacity.

- force of the load
        So that the force curves may easily flow through the load, it is important that the load has a certain force.

- temperature of the load
        Output of the magnet decreases with the increase of temperature.

- type of material
        Magnetic properties are natural only for certain materials, i.e. iron, nickel, cobalt.
        For steel alloys, the magnetic properties or bearing capacity may decrease.
        Plastic materials, wood, copper, aluminium, high-grade steel, etc., non-magnetic cannot be manipulated by magnets.

We deliver lifting magnets, suspended control traverses, emergency battery backup, as well as assembly and service for clients.

Reasons we use magnets:

Efficiency, Variety, Flexibility, Productivity, Speed, User Simplicity, Safety

Electromagnets for various uses up to temperatures of 600 °C

  • for lifting and mechanical tilting of metal sheets
  • manipulation of packages and separation of thin metal sheets
  • for lifting and tilting metal sheet rolls from vertical axis into horizontal wire rolls
  • for scrap
  • for various loads
  • for mobile vehicles  
  • for transport of hot 600 °C bars (bar steel, tubes) in bundles and individually


Electro-permanent magnets

Functional principle
An electro-permanent magnet uses high remanence of magnetic alloys as a bearing force. Only a short electric impulse is sufficient for activation and deactivation of the magnet.
During the working cycle, as well as in the inactive phase, no electric current is required


  • in the case of breakdown of the current there is no falling of the load, there is no risk of short circuit, there is no risk of breaking the cable
  • the magnet is not heated
  • 100% use if the time of activation of the magnet
  • contact output

Our guarantees are not only related to the product, but also to each technical solution corresponding to your specific demands

ELECTRO PERMANENT MAGNETS up to temperatures of 400 °C

for sheet rolls with horizontal and vertical axis, metal sheets – ingots – slabs – bars, profiles

Sheet rolls up to 50 t

Magnets with movable position adapters for the heaviest conditions

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