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Radio controlled systems


POCKET series

can be equipped with switches and buttons.

Pocket.S - the most frequently used construction of radio remote control.
                    This type can control 3 movements in 2 directions and 2 speeds and a further 5 functions.

Pocket.F - jsimple construction with a maximum of 6 functions which is recommended for the control
                     of 3 movements in 2 directions.

Pocket.V - This variation can control non-standard equipment with 1 to 17 functions.

Pocket.V3 - Controls, e.g. reels for drawing during the exploitation of trees, vehicle pumps during
                        the re-pumping of liquids, etc.

Pocket S Pocket F Pocket V Pocket V9


NANO Series

This remote control is a successful variation and the series can be delivered with or without a joystick (0 to 6), with buttons (0 to 6), with switches (0 to 10) or with the indication of the back messaging system. The Nano series is delivered in Nano or Nano.L variations.

Nano S A2/2 Nano L A2/2 Nano L A1/6


NANO M series

Similarly as the models in the Nano series, they enable to control more functions.

Nano M 2/4 Nano M 2/4 Nano M A1/8


Receivers with integrated charger.

The type of the switch depends on the number of controlled functions.


             PNN.BUS.3 PNN.BUS.5


Multi User System

- allows to control the crane with several transmitters or with one transmitter or to control more cranes with several transmitters.

The upper turret serves for clamping fixed or driven tools.

Ambient temperature: - 20 až + 65 °C    
Type of protection: IP 65    
Transmitter Pocket, Nano, Nano * L, M
Frequency range: 400-477 MHZ, 25 mW FM switching of frequencies in the respective national zone is possible
NF modulation:
FSK-signal according to CCITT V.23 High-frequency output: 10 mW
Repeatability of the data group: about 60 ms Transmission speed: 1200 Band (Bit/sec)
Action radius (depending on surroundings): 300 to 1000 m Input power: 60mA
(without accumulator)
(length x width x height)
Pocket S/V/F 0,2 kg 8,7 x 3,5 x 14 cm
Pocket V-3/-9 0,4 kg 8,7 x 6,2 x 14 cm
Nano 0,7 kg 17,5 x 12,6 x 12,2 cm
Nano - L 1,0 kg 24,7 x 13,9 x 11,7 cm
M 1,5 kg 28,3 x 14,4 x 16,7 cm








Receiver PNN-R, PNN-BUS

Frequency range: 400 - 477 Mhz
Protection of data: by the generation of CRC code by Hamming distance = 4, generation of zero position. Addressing of each transmitter by own, one time occurring combination (max. 32,768 possibilities), Parity - bit during addressing.
Safe data receipt: 2 selective evaluators (1 hardware, 1 software controlled), CRC, NOUZ.VYP, and bits of zero position. Re-blocking of activation in the case of defective relay for EMERGENCY STOP.
Loading of contacts EMERGENCY STOP / commands
Max. switching voltage: 250 V
Max. switching current: 6 A
Max. switching output: 1 000 VA
(length x width x height)
PNN - R - 6 0,4 kg 13,5 x 8,6 x 5,7 cm
PNN - R - 10 0,5 kg 13,5 x 8,6 x 7,5 cm
PNN - R - 1,6 0,9 kg 20 x 12 x 7,7 cm
PNN - BUS - 3 3,0 kg 30,6 x 18,1 x 13 cm
PNN - BUS - 5 4,7 kg 36,4 x 28,3 x 15,2 cm


 Pocket/Nano/Nano-L/MOL  7,2 V/0,6 A
 MOL  9,6 V/0,6 A
 Operating voltage PNN BUS  90 - 270 V st
   40 - 130 V st
   8 -  50 V ss
   12/24 V ss
 Operating voltage PNN-R  12/24 V ss


Other remote control options

  1. Master-Slave-Tandem
    2 remote control systems are available (2 transmitters S1 and S2 - 2 receivers E1 and E2) and 2 cranes K1 and K2, which are to be controlled. Transmitter S1 (Master) and transmitter S2 (Slave). The transmitter S1 is fitted with a switch for selection of control K1 or K2 and/or K1 + K2. This transmitter is fitted with an “End" button. The S2 transmitter cannot control crane K1 and uses the “Free" button.
    In this case the Master wants to manipulate with both cranes. The driver of crane K2 must release their crane with the “Free" button. At this moment the operator of K1 can manipulate using K1 or K2 and with K1 and K2 as a tandem. These functions are activated by selection. Then S2 does not have any influence on the control of K2 as long as Master S1 presses the “End“ button.
  2. Master-Master-System
    2 remote control units are available (S1, S2, E1, E2) and 2 cranes K1, K2. Both transmitters work as ”Master", they are fitted with the switch with option K1 or K2 or K1+K2 and the “End" button.
  3. Back messaging system
    Using this system, necessary information (commands white-red or proportional commands) can be sent from the receiver. Therefore the system is able to transfer measured values and to display them on a small display. This system can be installed on the basis of the order to the module for the NANO L and NANO M transmitters.
  4. Double channels
    Before the radio signal is supplied, it is checked and tested twice: once by means of software and once through hardware (electronics).
  5. Checking zero position
    Equipment may only be run in the case that all control elements (joysticks, switches, buttons,..) are in the zero position.
  6. NOT-AUS System
    Two forced NOT-AUS relays up to 6A for emergency disconnection are never connected. This situation cannot occur because the equipment has 4A protection.
  7. Potentials
    It is possible to separately connect 7 potentials (24, 42, 48, ...110, 220)


Advantages of remote control nbb

Complete module mechanics, patent switching of frequencies
Replaced electronic Bus-System module does not require threading or soldering
Simple diagnostics by means of 4 LED; memory for more than 2,000 channels
Fully automatic network feeder 8.5-50 V DC or 40-270 V AC,
2 mutually blocked emergency switch relays, each conductor is separately protected
Simple replacement of the control cable using PG adapter and pre-produced cable form
Fat-charging unit, self cleaning accumulator contacts
The accumulator is protected in the box, breakdown due to impact is impossible.
Removing: press the pin, remove the accumulator.
Solid fast-closure unit  - especially developed holder for fixing the receiver on the crane.


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