Gantry Rail

We offer deliveries and services of rail tracks, crane tracks, rack chargers, steel structures and magnet techniques.

Strong recommendation by our customers is our great success and the guarantee of high quality of performed works.


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Supplies of rails

For trains, tramways, cranes, rack chargers, mine, special ones

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Fastening systems and clamps

For trains, tramways, cranes, rack chargers

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Poured materials

High-strength, quick-setting, self-levelling

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Hydraulic-gas, spring, rubber, steel

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Load electromagnets

Based on the application up to 600°C: crowbars, slabs, sheets, profiles, scrap, rails and others

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Radio remote control

For work machinery, cranes and other equipment

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For travel trucks, cranes

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Steel structures

Profiles: HEA, HEB, sheets and others



We provide welding of rails, reconstructions including service and geometrical measurement.


Short delivery dates

These are our priority and thus you can rely on us.


Service turn-key solution

We offer effective solutions of turn-key projects that will save you a lot of worries.


Guarantee being the guarantee of satisfaction

For every project we offer the guarantee as agreed, including the after-guarantee service for your care freedom.

No project is big too much

We are focused on a large scope of projects, from minor deliveries to large projects.  We provide the solution design including its total realisation.

We offer favourable prices with individual access at the market.

Our work is performed exactly pursuant to the schedule.

We are flexible and we respect the client as much as possible.

The company´s certification and references of more complex jobs prove the quality of our products and work.

We operate in following areas: automotive, steelworks, heavy industry, power plants, construction, production plants, stocks, container terminals, ports, paper mills, sewerage plants etc.


Get the offer for free

More than 20 years of experience in the sector

The company management shows long-term practical knowledge in our sector.

We are ready to provide detailed information regarding our action at personal meeting.

Client´s references

“Rail technology with our truck systems works faultlessly. The company Gantry Rail responds flexibly to requirements during the negotiation development, to technical design development including prices and changes in terms. Our contractor have never claimed deliveries by the company Gantry Rail s.r.o. We place orders repeatedly due to their reliability – observance of deadlines and total quality of supplied material including the performed works.”



“Our company cooperates with the company Gantry Rail for several years. The company Gantry Rail restored several crane tracks for us and performs also regular service works, including welding of rails and steel structures. For this area we have also concluded a year-long service contract with this company. I see the cooperation with the company Gantry Rail as successful, I consider it as highly qualified and reliable supplier of material and related assembly works. We intend to continue to cooperate with this company in the future.”



We are member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce

We are proved company with long-term tradition

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Gantry Rail s.r.o.


Bavorska 856/14, Prague 5, 155 00

+420 224 453 530

Ing. Jozef Mraz