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We offer our services as turn-key set with professionally performed work in welding, assemblies, reconstructions, service and geodetic survey.

Our services 1


    • welding of rails and structures
    • we use the method Innershield 114, 111, 135 for welding
Our services 2

Assemblies, demolitions, reconstructions, service

  • Installation, assembly, demolitions, reconstructions are made by qualified workers supervised by key staff
  • Flexible solution for fastening of rails, including rack chargers
  • Installation in discontinuous or continuous way, see the Railways
  • Reconstructions, repairs of current tracks at the ground, on concrete or steel beam, option of diamond boring
Our services 3

Geodetic measurement

  • Geodetic measurement of crane tracks, cranes, rack chargers
  • Measurement is made by professional team with relevant qualification, as agreed
  • According to relevant standards

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