Radio remote control

Radio-remote controls, with buttons or joystick for cranes, magnets, travelling sets, carts, work machines, conveyor bands, reels and others.

POCKET series

It can be equipped with switches and buttons.


The most often used version of the radio remote control.
This type can command 3 movements in 2 directions at 2 speeds and with other 5 functions.


Radio remote control 1


Simple version with maximum 6 functions suitable to command 3 movements in 2 directions.


Radio remote control 2


With this version you can command the non-standard equipment with 1 to 17 functions.


Radio remote control 3


For the command of winches used to pull trees, of truck pumps for fluid pumping, etc.


Radio remote control 4

NANO series

This version of remote control is used with great success.
The series can be supplier with or without joystick (0 to 6), buttons (0 to 6), switches (0 to 10) or indication of back notification system.

Nano series is supplied in versions Nano or Nano L.

Nano S A2/2

 Radio remote control 5


Nano L A2/2

 Radio remote control 6

Nano L A1/6


Radio remote control 7

NANO M Series

It is similar to Nano series models but can command even more functions.

Nano M 1/3

Radio remote control 8

Nano M 1/4

Radio remote control 9

Nano M 1/8

  Radio remote control 10

Technical data
Surrounding operational temperature: -20 °C till +65 °C
Type of protection: IP 65
Transmitter Pocket, Nano, Nano * L, M
Frequency scope: 400-477 MHZ, 25 mW FM change of frequencies in relevant national band is possible High-frequency performance: 10 mW
NF modulation: FSK-signal pursuant to CCITT V.23 Baud rate: 1200 Band (Bit/sec)
Repeatability of data set: about 60 ms Input: 60mA
Reach (depending on surroundings): 300 to 1000 m


Technical data

Weight (without acu)

Dimensions (l x w x h)

Pocket S/V/F 0,2kg 8,7 x 3,5 x 14cm
Pocket V-3/-9 0,4kg 8,7 x 6,2 x 14cm
Nano – S 0,7kg 17,5 x 12,6 x 12,2cm
Nano – L 1,0kg 24,7 x 13,9 x 11,7cm
Nano – M 1,5kg 28,3 x 14,4 x 16,7cm


Receivers with integrated charger.

Type of receiver depends on the number of controlled functions.




Radio remote control 11

Receiver PNN-R, PNN-BUS

Technical Data
Frequency scope: 400 – 477 Mhz
Data protection: Generation of CRC code with Hamming distance = 4. by generation of zero position.
Own addressing of every transmitter, by once occurring combination (max. 32 768 options)
Parity – bit at addressing.
Secure data reception: 2 selection interpreters (1 with hardware and 1 with software command).
CRC. EMERG.STOP and bites of zero position.
Restart switch-on lock in case of defect relay due to the EMERG. STOP.


Technical Data


Dimension (lx w x h)

PNN – R – 6 0,4kg 13,5 x 8,6 x 5,7cm
PNN – R – 10 0,5kg 13,5 x 8,6 x 7,5cm
PNN – R – 1,6 0,9kg 20 x 12 x 7,7cm
PNN – BUS – 3 3,0kg 30,6 x 18,1 x 13cm
PNN – BUS – 5 4,7kg 36,4 x 28,3 x 15,2cm


Accumulator Charger
Pocket/Nano/Nano-L/MOL 7,2V / 0,6A Working voltage PNN BUS 90 – 270V st
MOL 9,6V / 0,6A 40 – 130V st
8 –  50V ss
12 / 24V ss
Working voltage PNN-R 12 / 24V


Loading of contacts of EMERG.STOP/commands
Max.switching voltage:  250V
Max.switching current:  6A
Max.switching output:  1 000VA


Multi User System

It allows to command the crane with several transmitter, or to command with one or several transmitters even more cranes.

Further options of remote control


2 remote commands are available (2 transmitters S1 and S2 – 2 receivers E1 and E2) and 2 cranes K1 and K2 that are to be commanded. Transmitter S1 (Master) and transmitter S2 (Slave).
Transmitter S1 is equipped with switches to select the command K1, or K2, or K1+K2.
This transmitter also features the button “End”. The transmitter S2 cannot command the crane K1 and features the button “Free”.
In our case the Master wants to command both cranes. At first, the driver of crane K2 shall free his crane using the button “Free”. At this moment the operator K1 can manipulate his K1 or K2 or K1 with K2 in tandem. These functions are activated by selection at S1. Thus S2 has no effect on the command K2 until the Master S1 pushes the button “End”.


2 remote commands are available (S1, S2, E1, E2) and 2 cranes K1, K2. Both transmitters work as “Master“, are equipped with switch with option K1, or K2, or K1+K2 and the button “End”.

3.Feedback system

Using this system the necessary information can be sent from the receiver to the transmitter (black-white command or proportional commands). The system is thus able to transfer measured values and show them at the small display. This system can be ordered to be mounted in transmitter models NANO L and NANO M.

4.Two channels

Before the radio signal is performed,  it is double evaluated and tested.
Once with software and once with hardware (electronics).

5.Check of zero position

Any device can be started only when all command elements (joysticks, switches, buttons…) are in zero positions.

6.NOT-AUS System

Two forced NOT-AUS relays to 6 A for emergency stop are never mutually connected. Such situation cannot occur as the device is equipped with 4 A protection.


Potentials can be separately connected (24, 42, 48, …110, 220).

Advantages of NBB remote command

Complete module mechanics, patented frequency switching
 Exchangeable module electronic Bus-system does not require any screwing nor soldering
Simple diagnostics using 4 LED, option of memory with more than 2 000 channels.
 Fully automatic network feeder 8,5-50 V ss or 40-270 V st.
 2 mutually locked relay of emergency switch, each conductor protected separately.
 Simple exchange of command cable using the company PG adapter and prefab cable form.
 Quick-charger, self-cleaning contacts in accumulator.
 Accumulator in the box protected. Fall out due to a shock or similar is not possible.
 Company quick-closing joint – specially developed holder for fixation of receiver to the crane.


Small, practical, compact and robust, type of protection IP 65, exactly graduated switching, joint connection, double water-protection even in case of protective bellow damage.
Safety secured with galvanic separated zero switch for every direction.
Standard control with potentiometer, electronic graduation at request.
Ergonomic command suitable even for small spaces, industrial joystick for machines, robots, orthopaedic devices etc.


Button of emergency stop (D16) with forced connection, including patented key cover.
Type of protection IP 65 (when inserted).


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Your specific needs.

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