Load electromagnets

Load electromagnets and electro-permanent magnets for various application based on partners’ requirements. For crowbars, slabs, sheets, profiles, scrap, rails and others.


For various applications according to the client´s requirements

Standard version

  • round and rectangular magnets for various applications
  • welded or cast magnet body
  • three- or more pole versions with deep penetration through magnetic field for transfer of bundles
  • special version for high temperatures
  • version for under-water operation
  • setting of magnetic performance, option of over excitation
  • tip function for load dosage
Load electro magnets 1

Advantages when compared with conventional means

  • no damages to the load
  • load accessible from above
  • minor wear of magnets
  • quicker handling


Load electro magnets 2


The air gap in magnetic circuit works as a magnetic resistance and causes the reduction of capacity.


In order to allow the force curves to pass easily through the load it is important that the load has a specific force.


The magnet performance decreases with increased temperatures.


Magnetic properties are natural only for some special materials, as for example iron, nickel, cobalt.
In case of alloyed steel the magnetic properties or capability can be reduced.

Plastics, wood, copper, aluminium, high-quality steel and other are non-magnetic and thus cannot be moved using magnets.

We supply:

 load magnets, suspension traverses, command,
battery emergency standby,

as an assembly or a service for clients.



Reasons to use magnets:

Electromagnets for various applications up to the temperature 600 °C



  • lifting and mechanic tilting of sheets
  • handling of packages and sorting of thin sheets
  • lifting and tilting of sheet roll from vertical axis to horizontal axis, wire bundles
  • scrap
  • various loads
  • mobile vehicles
  • transport of crowbars at 600 °C
  • bar steel, tubes in bundles or separately
Load electro magnets 3

Electro permanent magnets

Function principle


  • The electro permanent magnet uses high remanence of magnetic alloys as the carrier force.
  • Only a short electric pulse is enough to switch on or off the magnet.
  • During the work cycle as well as in standby stage no electricity supply is necessary.



  • in case of outage the load does not fall, there is no risk of electric short-circuit, cable breakage,
  • the magnet does not get hot,
  • 100 % use of period with magnet switched on,
  • constant performance.

Electro permanent magnets for various applications up to the temperature 400 °C

Function principle


  • For sheet rolls with horizontal as well as vertical axis – sheets – ingots – slabs – crowbars profiles.
  • Sheet rolls up to 50 tons.
  • Magnets with movable positioning fixtures for heaviest environment.

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