Fastening systems, clamps and pads

Railway and crane fixing systems, clamps and pads Gantry Rail, VE, VO, VM with or without flexible tip with rectification option.

1:1 Concrete sleepers
1:2 Wooden sleepers
1:3 Tramvays
2:1 Fully-elastic and semi-elastic laying
2:2 Fixed laying
3:1 Continuous
3:2 Discontinuous

1: Railway

Concrete sleepers, wooden and tramway sleepers

Deliveries of clamps and pads of various types for fastening of railway and tramway rails.

Fastening systems and clamps 1
Fastening systems and clamps 2
Fastening systems and clamps 3

2: Cranes, rack chargers and other applications – fastening systems

2:1 Fully-elastic and semi-elastic fastening of rails

  • Fully-elastic and adjustable – rectifiable fastening of rails, using the system GANTRY.
  • Clamps with elastic fastening can be divided in welded and screwed clamps for fastening of rails.
  • The rail can be laid, based on the type of pad, in continuous or discontinuous manner of fastening.
  • Semi-elastic fastening of rails using the system Gantry, MX, VX


Fastening systems and clamps 4


Option to supply also the gold-plated clamps pursuant to the partner´s requirements.

Fastening systems and clamps 5
Fastening systems and clamps 6
Fastening systems and clamps 7
Fastening systems and clamps 8
Fastening systems and clamps 9
Fastening systems and clamps 10

Technical properties:

  • it can be applied on any kinds and profiles of rails at new construction as well as at reconstruction of rail tracks,
  • it enables to rectify rails in horizontal as well as vertical direction,
  • it covers production and assembly tolerances of rails and enables the side construction of scope 5 – 20 mm during the assembly as well as anytime following the assembly,
  • Self-locking system having effect of a wedge in longitudinal direction combined with double inclination of both parts of the clamp
  • it avoids any point load and thus related fatigue, forces applied in cross direction towards the flange of the rail are evenly distributed,
  • at side impact it captures the self-locking effect of fastening elements of the side force caused by the travel wheel of scope 35 – 270 kN,
  • it reduces the noise level by about 10 – 12 dB and the vibration level by 40-45 %,
  • it enables its simple assembly or disassembly of the rail, the maintenance requirements are zero,
  • it prolongs the travel track lifetime without any need of its maintenance and it conserves the crane electronics.
  • regardful of the use of crane track beam and the whole travel system using the elastic laying and optimal distribution of load of travel profile in longitudinal as well as cross direction,
  • option to rectify the travel profile-rail anytime during the assembly as well following the assembly using the adjustable clamps,
  • considerable reduction of noise and vibration levels,
  • easy exchange of travel profile with minimum operational costs.



2:2 Fixed laying without rectification option – standard


Fixed laying of rails, system Gantry, VX

Technical properties:

  • not centred loading “steel to steel” and thus increased wear of travel profile and travel wheels. It is due to the concentrated load of travel profile and to the risk of fissures in weld joints
  • high level of noise and lower structures of crane track and the crane bridge are loaded with vibrations
  • too much expensive exchange of travel profile due to the wear or the non-observance of tolerances
  • possibility of incorrect laying with regard to the beam post


Fastening systems and clamps 11
Fastening systems and clamps 12
Fastening systems and clamps 13
Fastening systems and clamps 14

3: Pads

3:1 Continuous



Shore hardness A:           75 ºC +/- 5 ºC pursuant to DIN 53505

Tensile strength:              16 N/mm² pursuant to DIN 53505

Ductility:                            300 % pursuant to DIN 53505

Permanent deformation:  5 % max. A at 23 ºC

Temperature of use:          – 30 ºC  to 130 ºC

Noise reduction in dBA:     10 %

Vibration reduction           : 40- 45 %

Max. loading                     : 120 Kg/ cm²

Dimensions                       : E- 6 mm,  F- 7,5 mm,  D – based on the width of rail flange


Fastening systems and clamps 15
Fastening systems and clamps 16
Fastening systems and clamps 17

3:2 Discontinuous

For discontinuous laying of rails:

It evenly distributes the load on lower structure.

It avoids the point load and thus occurring fatigue effects.

It balances surface inequalities and thus improves the rail contact.

It reduces rail and tie-plate wear.

Properties of material: copolymer EVA – it resists greases, acids, UV light.

Temperature of use     :  from -25 °C  until + 75 °C.


Fastening systems and clamps 18
Fastening systems and clamps 19
Fastening systems and clamps 20

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